Cutter's Grand BBQ

Cutter's Grand BBQ has been in operation since 1987, when Mike and his Dad built the barbeque grill. Initially they cooked tri-tip for special events in California. Since Mike has moved to Boise Idaho in the late 1990's, he has catered special events, private parties and has had a roadside BBQ stand for the last three years.

BBQ Beef

We use ball tip sirloin, covered in our dry rub, cooked for up to 4 hours and sliced up for sandwiches. We also sell whole ball tips upon request.

BBQ Chicken

Our chickens start out at over 4 pounds when we put them on the grill. They are butterflied open, sprinkled with dry rub and cooked until they are perfect.

BBQ Pork

We use a shoulder cushion cut, covered with dry rub, for our pork sandwiches.
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