Special Note

Cutter's hours are seasonal. We are open each Spring through Thanksgiving weekend, closing on the Saturday after Thanksgiving Day. Special orders and catering are available over our off-season with advance notice. For specific information please view our Facebook page. Thank you!

Cutter's Grand BBQ

Cutter's Grand BBQ has been in operation since 1987, when Mike and his Dad built the barbeque grill. Initially they cooked tri-tip for special events in California. Since Mike has moved to Boise Idaho in the late 1990's, he has catered special events, private parties and has had a roadside BBQ stand for the last three years.

BBQ Beef

We use ball tip sirloin, covered in our dry rub, cooked for up to 4 hours and sliced up for sandwiches. We also sell whole ball tips upon request.

BBQ Chicken

Our chickens start out at over 4 pounds when we put them on the grill. They are butterflied open, sprinkled with dry rub and cooked until they are perfect.

BBQ Pork

We use a shoulder cushion cut, covered with dry rub, for our pork sandwiches.
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